Parish groups are formed by parishioners gathering around common interests and affinities in order to help each other to live their faith in the family, neighborhood, marketplace, and public arena. They get involved in reaching out to the hurting, the poor, and the vulnerable in our midst in concrete acts of charity.

Catholic Lesbians Group


In 1993, gay parishioners met and prayed together. There were more men than women, who desired that their needs be addressed by women, for women, with women. So in 1995, Catholic Lesbians was born.

We have 300+ members and meet on the second Friday of every month in the West Room. We are a beacon to gay women, who discover that there is no dichotomy, no conflict, in being Catholic and lesbian.

We pray. We celebrate. We challenge the use of male-centric language and images of God. We advocate for female diaconates and priests. We yearn to one day be allowed to openly marry our beloved in our church. We speak truth to power.

We are grateful for this faith community, the Church of St. Francis Xavier. Contact

Gay Catholics Group and Pride Parade


Is primarily a gay men’s group but all are welcome to attend our meetings and events. Since the Covid pandemic we have been meeting virtually. Going forward, we will still be meeting on the first and third Fridays of the month with a hybrid meeting schedule both virtually and in-person. Please contact us for more information. We provide a safe place for gay men to come together to discuss and reflect on what it means to be LGBT in the Catholic Church today and how better to serve the church we love. Our mission is to embrace all, as Jesus does; to provide a compassionate environment to explore God’s presence in our lives; and to live out the Gospel of love and social justice. We work with our parish and the larger community toward the goals of full inclusion and a deepened spiritual life for LGBT people and their families and loved ones. Contact

Mary Magdala service


As midwives to the spiritual life of our parish, we honor the mutuality of feminine and masculine in God and in humanity. We nurture emotional, intellectual, and spiritual growth. We empower the voices, vocations, and visibility of all Catholic women. We call forth the courage and creativity of our sisters and brothers in faith. We celebrate all service and leadership arising from the fertile soil of the Church of St. Francis Xavier, our beloved community. we NURTURE. we EMPOWER. we CALL FORTH. we CELEBRATE.

Xavier Yoga


Xavier Outings (“Xoutings”) started in 2017 as a proud outgrowth of the vibrant LGBTQ+ community at St. Francis Xavier seeking new ways of building community, celebrating our faith and creating new forms of welcome through social events. Immensely grateful for the legacy of which we are the beneficiaries, Xoutings fosters connections with other LGBTQ+ parishioners and allies to “find God in all things” (Footnote- Jesuit principle.) through year-round festive celebrations of arts and culture which highlight the joys of New York City and the fruit of our faith.

We are a new kind of “leaderfull”, horizontal organization where many people lead Xoutings events, driven by our organizing principles of inclusivity, embracing diversity and fostering generous collaboration with other ministries at SFX and outside the doors of our Church. To be added to our mailing list, volunteer to organize an event or for more information please contact us at

Xavier Yoga


Xavier Yoga celebrates spirituality, prayer and intention in motion. We practice being present with community, ourselves and the good word every Tuesday at 6:15 p.m. This inspiring group is open to all levels and faiths. 

Xavier Young Adults


XAVIER YOUNG ADULTS is a ministry for and by parishioners in their 20s and 30s at the Church of St. Francis Xavier. We strive to engage young seekers with spiritual, social, cultural, and service activities that reflect our dynamic experiences, parish community, Catholic faith, and life in New York City. Single, married, gay, straight – all are welcome!

For additional information about our Young Adults ministry, if you would like to submit a prayer request, or if you’d like to get more involved at St. Francis Xavier – please email us at

Youth Ministry


Xavier Youth Ministry is for our teenagers to gather in faith, service and fun. The pandemic presented a challenge and we were up to it. We joined together with a mix of Mass attendance (masked and socially distanced) in the choir loft of the church, and Zoom meetings — all to combine the goals of service, social (fun!), and spiritual growth.

Recently, we created Christmas cards for the men and women in Thrive for Life Prison Ministry. We observed Advent together, as we will do with Lent. We join the parish in deep conversations about diversity in art, and social & racial justice.

XYM is for post-confirmation youth through 12th grade. Contact

Zen Meditation


Zen Meditation is a practice to directly experience life and can provide a means to deeper insight into one’s own self and spiritual path. Zen sitting is a way to cultivate stillness. Through this stillness, allowing conditioning and self-limiting thoughts to be released, people can find themselves and the world transformed. Although mediation itself is quiet, the direction of the practice is ultimately about compassionate action and service in the community.

The ministry addresses different intentions: A home for those interested in a meditation practice, support for those whose interests are with other ministries, and instruction for people with a curiosity or interest in meditation.

The meditation group meets weekly on Monday evenings. There are also several full day retreats on Saturdays. During the COVID period, the group meets remotely for Zen Meditation on Monday and Guided Meditation on Friday at 7 pm.

All are welcome, especially beginners, and instruction is provided. Contact: For updated Zoom links if needed.