Our Parishioners

The physical Church of St. Francis Xavier on 16th Street in Manhattan is a beautiful place of worship. But over our nearly 175 years, what has defined this community has not been our physical building, but rather our many thousands of parishioners over our history. Xavier parishioners have been and are today all kinds of people who hail from diverse backgrounds. What has connected and united all has been that we are all sinners gathered into a Christ-centered community “where seekers and their questions are welcomed, where injustice is challenged, where the poor, the alienated and the marginalized find a home, and where people are refreshed, reconciled and renewed.”

Image of Katie Aucoin

We invite and welcome you to join our community, regardless of where on your journey of faith you find yourself. Click to register.

To experience some of the personal faith journeys of Xavier parishioners, click to listen to our oral history podcast series “From Age to Age.

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