Synod Spiritual Conversations

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Synod 2021-2023 • For a Synodal Church

Join a Spiritual Conversation Responding to Pope Francis’s Call to Share and Listen about Our Journeys with the Church

Each and every member of the Xavier community is joyously invited to take part in our parish’s response to Pope Francis’ call to hear from Catholics around the world as part of the first-ever Church Global Synod. In this historic moment, people of good will worldwide are participating in small spiritual conversations in which we answer together a simple but profound question: “What have been your joys and obstacles in your journey with the Church?”

Xavier will be hosting several parish-wide Synodal Spiritual Conversations in March, all on Zoom. Each will follow a standard format that includes a guided reflection to help prepare our hearts for conversation. We will then break into small groups with trained facilitators and notetakers and engage in conversation. Confidential notes will be taken for each conversation and will be included in what Xavier transmits to the archdiocese and ultimately the Vatican.

You—yes, you!—are invited to participate. This means everybody: both regular and occasional churchgoers, the folks who arrive late to Mass–and those who arrive early! It means young and old; singles, couples, and people with kids. It means both “good” and “bad” Catholics. It means you.

Parish-wide spiritual conversations will be held on Zoom on the following dates:

• Sunday, March 6, 7 pm

• Sunday, March 13, 1 pm

• Tuesday, March 15, 7:30 pm

• Wednesday, March 23, 7 pm

To register to take part in a spiritual conversation, click on this link REGISTER.

These spiritual conversations are a wonderful opportunity for everybody to share, reflect upon, and listen to our experiences with Church and our visions for Church. It is also an important moment for the prophetic voice of Xavier to be recognized in a conversation that is unfolding worldwide. Join us!

What’s a “synod,” anyway?

• Since the first Synod of Bishops was established by Pope Paul VI in 1965, popes have periodically convened synods of the world’s bishops to discuss important issues facing the global Church.

• Pope Francis’s call for a first-ever Global Synod, unfolding around the world right now, is different: everybody—from the most lapsed Catholic to the holxiest of rollers—is invited to participate!

• The word “synod” has Greek roots. It means ”with” and “path.”

• How appropriate then that Xavier enthusiastically participate in the Global Synod! Traveling on a path together in faith is at the core of what we do as a parish community.