Liturgical Ministry

The eucharistic celebration is the core of the parish community’s life. Because of this considerable importance, the Church of St. Francis Xavier gives appropriate, thoughtful, and careful attention to the liturgies’ design and the training, development, formation, and preparation of those who exercise liturgical ministries.

The liturgical ministers are Altar servers, Lectors, Eucharist Ministers, Mass Coordinators and Hospitality Ministers.

Lectors are called to proclaim the Word of God, first and second readings, and the Prayers of the Faithful. “There are two tables at Mass, the table of the word and the table of the Lord’s body and blood. Together they constitute a single place of worship before God. And it is from each of these tables that we are fed, that we receive the bread of life.” (Schellman, James M. “The Ministry of the Lector.” American Magazine Vol. 190 No.11, Whole No. 4646 (March 29, 2004))

Altar servers are children who have received their first communion and want to participate by assisting the priest during Mass.

Eucharistic Ministers help distribute the Body and Blood of Christ.

Hospitality ministers are entrusted with promoting a sense of welcoming and belonging to all the faithful gathered for the liturgy. They are the first point of contact for the communal celebration of the Liturgy.  Hospitality ministers welcome people who come to the celebration, distribute materials (bulletin, programs, missalettes), collect the money, and provide care to people in case of need.

Mass Coordinators make the preparations before the Mass: lighting the altar candles, assigning positions to the Eucharistic ministers, placing the Lectionary and the Gospel Book in the ambo, placing the Eucharistic cups, Chalice, purificators, water and wine, plates with unconsecrated hosts on the credence table and cleaning the sacred vessels and putting everything back in the sacristy at the end of the Mass.

We have a team of coaches who teach parishioners wishing to serve as liturgical ministers. They are: Stephanie Samoy (lectors), Gerry Moss, and Bill Koss (Eucharist Ministers and Mass Coordinators), Ron Oberdick (Hospitality Ministers), Gerry Moss trains and schedule the Altar servers. Danila Mendoza coordinates the weekly masses’ schedule, and Luz Marina Diaz coordinates the schedule of weekend masses and the High Holiday Liturgies along with Gerry Moss. We also have a team led by Father Thomas Feely, SJ, that meets monthly to discuss High Holiday Liturgies.

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