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“From Age to Age” is an oral history podcast series highlighting personal faith journeys of parishioners at the Church of St. Francis Xavier in New York City.

The Oral History Project was conceived to preserve the unique history of this church by inviting long-time parishioners to share their personal stories with a newer generation, illustrating why this parish is distinctive, unique, and a very special place.

The Church of St. Francis Xavier is a Jesuit Apostolate in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York.

Episode 1: Roseann & Pablo

Episode 1: Roseann & Pablo

Pablo, a parishioner since about 2017, interviews Roseann, a parishioner at St. Francis Xavier for nearly 40 years, about God leading her to Xavier and a life…

Episode 2: Ann & Kristen

Episode 2: Ann & Kristen

Kristen, one of Xavier’s young parish leaders, interviews Ann, one of Xavier’s wise parish elders and a pillar of the community. Ann, a cradle Catholic who had…

Photo of Episode 3 Bill and Kathleen

Episode 3: Kathleen & Bill

In the over 18 years that Kathleen has been a parishioner at Xavier…

Photo of Sister Nadine and Alan

Episode 4: Nadine & Alan

Nadine, a member of the religious order of the Sisters of St. Francis of Mary Immaculate has a Franciscan heart…

Photo of Joan, Maria and Tess

Episode 5: Joan, Maria & Tess

Joan and Maria, who count over 50 years together in a committed relationship, recount their journey of faith as members of the Xavier community…

Photo of Roe, Paula and Brandon

Episode 6: Paula, Roe & Brandon

Through the persistent invitation of a friend who was a Xavier parishioner, Paula and Roe eventually attended mass in May 2000 at Xavier…

Photo of Caitlin and John

Episode 7: John and Caitlin

John, a cradle Catholic who grew up in a very spiritual and religious home in the Franciscan tradition, had fallen away from the faith during his 20s and 30s…

Photo of Natasha and Stephanie

Episode 8: Stephanie and Natasha

Natasha interviews Stephanie, who was led to Xavier by her brother in 2001…