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Saturday, December 2 | 7:30 PM | Mary Chapel

Mark your calendars for An Advent Carol, a joyful and profound celebration of the Christmas season! The Xavier Company is proud to present a musical drama for the Christmas Season: An Advent Carol written by J.S. Pecorella. This play takes audiences on a journey from the Annunciation to the Flight into Egypt. The characters of Mary, Joseph, Anna, Joachim and Elizabeth are masterfully crafted as genuine people who struggle with hopes and dreams, fears and doubts. The dialogue, written by J.S. Pecorella is both compelling and witty while the uplifting music of Gerard DeMan, Anne Holland and Laurence Rosania fills the performance with joyful energy. An Advent Carol offers a message of hope and freedom to the alienated and oppressed and stretches far beyond the traditional Christmas pageant. An Advent Carol is directed by Carol Ferrone and Gerard DeMan is the musical director.

The Xavier Company is looking for a COSTUME volunteer for to help with their performance. If you are interested, please contact Carol Ferrone at 212-627-2100.

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